5 Years.  It’s a Wrap.

FingerLakesWine.info launched in 2014.  Since then, I’ve reviewed 1600 wines, published dozens of winemaker profiles and think pieces, and even indulged in some humor writing.  It has been a pleasure.

This site will not be updated after June 10, 2019 -- but the existing reviews and features will be available for some time afterwards.

After writing about wine for many years, it's time to retire, to shed my analytical self (mostly), to simply sip and savor like other wine drinkers.

Thank you, my readers, for your attention, encouragement, and appreciative emails!

Finally, a shout-out to those thick-skinned winemakers who were occasionally chastised on this site, but continued to meet with me and answer my questions.  You are the future of Finger Lakes wine.


Douglas Hillstrom

© Douglas Hillstrom 2014